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Eliana Smith Fall 2012 Look Book

Over the summer I had the opportunity to do hair and makeup for Eliana Smith Designs for her Official Fall 2012 Look Book.  
In Eliana's words: 
"The overall theme in my Fall 2012 collection is my own vision of a ‘western woman’ experiencing India for the first time. In these images we follow two such ladies as they travel and experience the exotic delights of a new culture through their own beautiful, detailed experiences"

Designs: Eliana Smith Designs

Photographer: Alixann Loosle Photography

Videographer: Amy Lynn Photography

Develop Model Management
Emily Richards
Madison Riedmiller

Male Models:
Nathanael Zaldivar
Daniel Zaldivar

Assistants: Rebecca Marble Whetman
Janet Gomez Zaldivar Thorp

Props: Chris Alberico of Simply Fabulous

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