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Community Of Mutual Aid

money is the object that was passed a country becomes a medium of exchange,
only with the consent of the government of the object could be worth
and can be used as a medium of exchange.
laborers for money

can do anything within the rules to get
money, like we as workers and moneymaker is a banker,
we will forever be enslaved bankers work to earn money,
while bankers are free to print their money to government approval.
bankers used a pyramid system to lend their money. indeed the system
Financial unfair.

more bankers printing money automatically circulation of money
the higher it is. the longer the base price and the price of our needs increasingly rise
it is irreversible, imminent global crisis, inflation is

MMM Global Is Community Of Mutual Aid

together we can change the world financial system unfair
in mmmglobal all could feel the well-being evenly. mmmglobal is
mutual financial community among members,
where Member-menber provide direct financial assistance to one another
Private office with automatic through the Internet
the index development assistance in the form Mavro, help using bitcoin

to be done in very simple mmmglobal
do provide help according to ability to use bitcoin, when the transfer command appears immediately do transfer
not more than 36 hours or your account is blocked, do daily tasks in mmmextra to get 100% per month,
if you need the money to do Get help fit your needs.

mmm rules
1. GLOBAL MMM does not allow multiple accounts.
Each person is only allowed one account. with 1 ip and 1 devices either pc or laptop / tablet.
2. Discipline
Transfer after transfer orders dropped no more than 36 hours

benefit interest bonuses, programs
mmmglobal against the world's financial system unfair
mmmglobal put pressure on inflation
mmmglobal welfare of participants to help each other
mmmglobal bring peace to the participants around the world
mmmglobal give bonuse to referrals and level manager
mmmglobal have mmmextra program to earn 100% per month


Also visit our website at  Magic Pages
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Wedding Organizer

Rp 19.000.000
I've been so excited to get these pictures! Kira and I went to beauty school together and she got married last week. She wanted her hair down and curled and smokey eyes for her make up. The pictures were taken by Blush Photography and Donna Shelby Photography.
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Behind the Chair XI

Some more brides from this summer.

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Five Minute Updo

This is a tutorial that has been on my YouTube channel for several months now, and I just realized today that I never posted it to my blog.  Enjoy!

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One-on-one Class

A few weeks ago I got to teach a one-on-one class to a lovely stylist from Indiana named Emily.  Here are some pictures from the updos I taught in the class.  Thanks to Chelsea and Erin for modeling for me!  

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This beautiful mama happens to be one of my closest friends. We were pregnant at the same time, and we only live a few blocks from each other. Strolls around the neighborhood with our little ones occur on an almost daily basis, and her company is always a pleasure.

Hair and makeup by Steph.
Photos by Ciara Richardson.

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Merged Braids

This week I'm partnering with Refinery29 and Regency Beauty institute to highlight the summer trend of merged braids.  Regency is also giving away a $1,000 Sephora gift card and a day of pampering. You can learn more here.
But first, it's time to announce the winners of the Hoodie Love giveaway!

Listed by their Instagram handle . . . 

The three third place winners of a Hoodie Love scarf - 

The two second place winners of a hoodie, scarf OR dress - 

The grand prize winner of a scarf, dress AND a hoodie - 

If you are a winner, email me at steph@hairandmakeupbysteph.com and I will get you your prize.

Below is a tutorial for a simple merged braid you can wear this summer.  The best thing about merged braids is they are so simple but look really complicated.  
Check it out and also be sure to check out Regency's video about beauty makers and enter their contest!

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